Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Tires are the only place where your vehicle actually touches the ground.  Good tires are another safety issue that can't be overlooked.  Larsen Auto Care can locate new tires for your vehicle, mount and balance them, and also do an alignment when necessary.  If your tire treads are beginning to get low, or if you have bald spots on the tread, you will need to replace the tires and you may need an alignment to prevent further unnecessary tire wear.
You can also use TireMonkey's service to locate tires near you, and you can have the tires delivered straight to us for the installation.

Remember, check your tire pressure frequently.  Over-inflation or under-inflation can lead to uneven wear on the tire tread.  Having your tires set at the right pressure level helps you get better gas mileage.  There is a factory-specified setting for tire PSI that can be found on a sticker that may be located inside of a door frame, inside the gas tank cover panel, or in the glove box.  You can also check the owner's manual.  We check your tire pressure every time your vehicle comes into the shop, so you can be sure that your tire pressure level is set correctly.

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